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HP-EDS – all about clouds?

If you read comments on the HP-EDS deal, one can get the impression, that this deal is not only about market-shares, but also to a large extend about HPs future positioning in the IT world and – I hardly dare to say the all new 2008 buzzword of the year – ‘clouds’. Or do you think these commenters are wrong?

HP-EDS: It’s About The Clouds, Baby!

Om Malik of Gigaom.com saying

[...]If you plot the EDS bid against these four recent developments, it is not that difficult to postulate that HP is building its own cloud focused on large global companies.[...]

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Combined HP-EDS can explore missing methodology around how to offload IT to the cloud(s)

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ZDNets Dana Gardner saying

[...]HP with EDS has now clearly staked its future on the top prize in IT: next-generation IT operations efficiency, proper outsourcing methods, cloud computing services management, and high-level consulting as the onramp.[...]

[...]The cost efficiencies, utilization rates, flexibility, marketplace-driven productivity aspects of cloud computing are simply too wonderful to ignore. We simply should not have standalone email servers every 60 square yards inside of companies. It’s foolish.[...]

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The Clouds Part on HP’s Computing Strategy

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By Kevin Maney, Portfolio.com saying on wired.com

[...]But with HP today buying EDS for $12 billion, the smart thinking goes in a different direction. It’s looking like a red-hot area going forward for IBM, Amazon and Google will be so-called cloud computing — a.k.a. hardware as a service.[...]

Comment: nice Term ‘Hardware as a service’ or ‘HaaS’. i’ll come back to this later

HP Acquires EDS: More Cloud Computing Fallout?

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Bob Warfield saying on Smoothspan Blog:

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[...]Who knows, maybe HP can push this into a higher level strategy to get into the Cloud Computing game on their own. Certainly EDS has been very active in the application outsourcing business, but historically that’s been an ASP’s game and has not been very competitive against true SaaS offerings.[...]

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HP + EDS = Enterprise Clouds?

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Michael Bowen saying on Cubegeeks blog

[...]Only large cross functional services organizations teamed up with serious compute clouds and grids can do that. If that’s what HP has in mind with EDS, it’s going to be a brave new world.

I’m in the first phase of the ‘cloud enthusiasm’, so maybe it’s not a good mood to comment on this. Most of what the commenters said makes sense. But if all this was true, It feels like there is some ‘cloud hysteria’ arising, showing me the importance of cloud computing for the future of IT.


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